The killer Foursquare onboarding process


By Joe Watts

It’s hip to be Square!

Getting people to download your app is obviously a challenge, but what about giving them a sense of direction and teaching them how to actually use it? This process is called onboarding, and is paramount in generating the greatest first impression for your audience.

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London nightlife apps – make the most of your city


We’re spoiled for choice in London, but that doesn’t make planning easy. Between tight door policies, missed bookings and a tube that closes ridiculously early, a night out in the city can quickly become a chore! Thankfully, the pain felt by many has lead to the design of plenty of apps to plan outings from future concerts to real-time pub crawls. Here are some of our favourites.

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Personal Financial Goals – An alternative to cash in the bank


David Cummings on Startups

When asking entrepreneurs about personal financial goals, the most common response is “I want to have enough money in the bank to not have to worry about making money.” Drilling in a bit deeper, and asking for a specific dollar amount, it’s usually liquid assets between $5 million and $10 million. With $5 million liquid, and an expectation of earning 4% per year, that results in $200,000 per year in annual income before taxes.

While having the cash in the bank earning passive investment income is awesome, I like to point out that it’s often more attainable to build a business with recurring revenue that pays out $200,000 in annual dividends. Meaning, a better goal is to build a company that is self sustainable without the entrepreneur that then helps the entrepreneur meet his or her financial goals without the requirement of a large liquidity event. Liquidity events are rare…

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